Sweetpea Cuisine specialises in working with food. We are passionate about cooking, communication and creativity!

We work with our clients in Melbourne, and across Australia, to deliver a range of services including cooking presentations & demonstrations, foodie events & activities, kids cooking parties, classes and workshops, culinary team building sessions, assistance with food styling, food prep for media productions, food based training programs, food education sessions, recipe creation & testing and cooking classes. 

At Sweetpea Cuisine everything we do comes from the heart. We always add lots of love and a touch of Sweetpea style.

The recipe for all our sweet services has been prepared lovingly by Sally Lukey.

Sally was always a foodie at heart...one of her earliest foodie memories was asking for pate on her toast for breakkie before heading off to Primary School.  Growing up her Pa was a baker and Nana was a master of the apple pie. The kitchen was always somewhere Sally felt at home. Dinners with her family were always home cooked with love by mum, simple yet delicious.

After a stint living in London and traveling in Europe  and Asia she returned home to Melbourne and studied education combining this with work in restaurants and cafes. She applied her Education Degree along with her training and communication skills in both the school and corporate environments but soon it was time to return to her passion and combine what was in her heart with what was in her head.

Sally gained invaluable experience assisting and working with some of Australia's most loved and well known foodies, studied Commercial Cookery and eventually launched her food based consultancy, Sweetpea Cuisine. Since then she has worked on many food shoots, performed regular cooking presentations & demonstrations, created recipes, assisted in the creation of cookbooks and produced live cooking events. 

Foodies and clients that have enjoyed Sally’s passion for food, creativity, outgoing nature, eye for detail and organisational prowess include Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, Woolworths, Season To Taste Productions, Jo Richardson (The Kitchen Therapist), Peter McInnes (KitchenAid, Pushpan & Profiline), Eurodesign Homewares, Vikki Leng Enterprises, The Queen Victoria Market, Brismark, Janelle Bloom, South Melbourne Market, Tupperware Australia, LG, The Kelly Bros, Frankston City Council, Mornington Peninsula Shire, RPP FM Community Radio and Red Gem Growers & Packers.

Sally’s love of food is constantly evolving and growing and she looks forward to every new culinary adventure!

For more information check out our range of services online, drop us a line via the Contact page or call 0432554072.  

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We'd love to work with you.

In the meantime, stay sweet!